autószerelő Autószervíz Budán
autószerelő Autószervíz Budán
Link and Banner exchange.

Welcome to the pages of Kocsi car mechanic Ltd., and we would like to thank you for visiting!
This page was built for popularizing your and our pages as well. It can be achieved by exchanging links amongst of us.
The main requirement that should be taken into consideration when advertising a firm/page on our site is that to best suit the automobile and car mechanic topic.
When exchanging links it is a must to inform each other, wether the links and banners are accepted or not. If the links are refused we are not bound to tell why it was not taken on the page.
The links or banners can be removed at short notice either by the enquirer or by us. But in this case according to the reciprocity, each webmaster should notify the other about it.

The exchange procedure looks like the following: 1. Insert our HTML code in to your code context (choose only one of the given codes).
2. If it is done, the last thing that has to be made, to send an e-mail with your code and details, as well as the URL where our banner can be found.
3. Then we will place your code in short time on our page.
Thank you for exchanging links with us!

Code 1:
<a href="http://www.kocsi.kocsikft.hu" > Autoservice. Autószerelő autószerelés gumiszerelés. Budapest</a> Kocsi autószerelő és autójavító Kft. Autószerelés, autójavítás, vizsgáztatás, gumiszerelés Budán. Autószerviz Budapesten. Autoservice, automobile technical revision in Budapest

Code 2:
<a href="http://www.kocsi.kocsikft.hu." title" Autoservice Kocsi autószerelő Kft. Autószerviz Budán " target="_blank">Kocsi Kft. Autójavítás, vizsgáztatás, gumiszerelés. </a>