"Kocsi" Autoservice in Budapest




autószerelő Autószervíz Budán

Car mechanic in Buda

The Kocsi Limited liability company was founded in 1991. However we had dealt with car repairing before the
company was founded. Our company was specialized in fully comprehensive repairing of cars.
So we do repair the engine, the clutch, the brakes and the landing-gears etc. Our repair shop also handle
any problem in connection with the tires. It means we do repair and ture the tires; we also check the
tire alignment as well as rotate the tires. Thus we do comprehensive tire care.

Keep in mind that it does not matter wether you have european, japan or korean car. Our trusty repairmen
can easily handle any kind of malfunction your car produce. Our customers can be sure that they get the
most qualitative work in our car repair shop.


Automobile technical revision in Budapest
Car tyre repairing and truing, tiring, tire care, tire alignment checking, tire rotating.
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